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3rd March 2015

NuGen board members host Whitehaven reception

NuGen held its first board meeting in West Cumbria – and took the opportunity to host a reception in Whitehaven, and visit some of the area’s leading educational providers.

Directors from NuGen, and shareholders Toshiba and GDF SUEZ, held their board meeting at Energus last week. The group toured the site, to the north and west of the Sellafield complex, and visited educational providers at the University Technical College and Energus, during their two-day visit.

The directors, including NuGen chairman Shigenori Shiga - President & CEO, Power Systems Company, and Executive Officer, Corporate Executive Vice President, Toshiba Corporation - also hosted a dinner reception at Whitehaven’s Waterfront restaurant. More than 50 local stakeholders, including leaders from Copeland, Allerdale and Cumbria County Council, attended the dinner, alongside Copeland MP Jamie Reed, and Professor John Fyfe.

Sandy Rupprecht, NuGen Chief Executive, said NuGen was committed to open and transparent engagement with the West Cumbrian community.

“It is an honour for NuGen to host this stakeholder reception in Whitehaven. The dinner was a success, with open discussion on how the Moorside project could be transformational for the region.”

NuGen’s directors have met regional leaders before – at a parliamentary reception in London and at other events – but as the Moorside project picks up momentum the company’s executive were keen to hold a full board meeting in West Cumbria.

The reception was also an opportunity to discuss issues of mutual interest with civic leaders ahead of NuGen’s first-stage public consultation. NuGen plan to hold more than 20 day-long public consultation events throughout the area between May and July, where the local community can comment on NuGen’s initial proposals for the Moorside development. This will include proposals on transport, logistics, worker’s accommodation and park & ride facilities to support construction of Europe’s largest new nuclear power station.

NuGen recently announced it had relocated its main offices from London to Manchester for a greater regional focus as it moves forward with its Moorside project.

NuGen is planning to build three AP1000® reactors on land to the north and west of the current Sellafield complex. The Moorside project is set to deliver up to 7% of the UK’s future electricity needs, but first NuGen must complete land surveys and plan the site layout.

A four-year development phase will also include gaining necessary licensing and regulatory permits ahead of a final investment decision expected around 2018.

A positive decision would mean focus would shift to West Cumbria where, at peak construction, some 6,000 people would be required to help build the three Moorside reactors.


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