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3rd September 2015

Energy Minister Visits Moorside

NuGen hosted a visit from the Energy Minister, Andrea Leadsom, during a two-day visit to Cumbria.

Energy Minister, Andrea Leadsom, with NuGen CEO Tom Samson during a tour of the Moorside SiteTom Samson, NuGen’s Chief Executive Officer, joined Ms Leadsom on a tour of NuGen’s Moorside Information Centre at Whitehaven Civic Hall and explained the early-stage proposals for Moorside Nuclear Power Station, which would be capable of supplying seven per-cent of the UK’s electricity needs.

Tom Samson then guided the minister on a visit to the Moorside Site, which is close to the existing Sellafield complex. He said: “Moorside will be transformational for the region and will help provide the UK with the bedrock of sustainable electricity generation from a clean, reliable, low-carbon source - available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.”

Mr Samson was delighted to have been able to host Ms Leadsom during the visit: “This is the UK’s nuclear heartland… I feel sure that the minister has been given a taste of its unrivalled knowledge, expertise and passion for innovation”.



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