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4th September 2014

NuGen welcomes start of public consultation for North West Coast Connections project

NuGen warmly welcomes the launch of a public consultation for National Grid’s North West Coast Connections this week.

People in Cumbria and Lancashire will have the chance to feedback on plans in their area to connect new low-carbon sources of electricity to the Grid, including NuGen’s planned Moorside power station. The new grid connections could also attract other generators to the region.

National Grid want to hear back from the public on their “emerging preference”, which has been reached following five years of discussions with key bodies and stakeholders in the region.

NuGen’s Moorside project is of national significance. The new nuclear power station there could power up to 6 million homes, and provide work for between 14,000-21,000 people during the lifetime of the project.

NuGen plans to build three AP1000 nuclear reactors on the site, to the north and west of the Sellafield complex, with a combined output of up to 3.4GW – equivalent to 7% of the UK’s future electricity needs.

A NuGen spokesman welcomed the launch of the consultation.

“This is an important step forward towards the development of a nationally significant source of low carbon power for future generations.”

Below is a link to the National Grid’s Press Release, and a map showing the proposals the public are being asked to consult on.



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