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5th September 2016

Minister visits Moorside

NuGen’s Chief Executive Tom Samson welcomed energy minister Baroness Neville-Rolfe on a tour of the Moorside site and visit to the company’s Information Centre at Whitehaven.

The minister also visited the Sellafield site during the two-day visit.

Baroness Neville-Rolfe viewed the Moorside information materials used during the recent 34-venue stage two Development Consent Order (DCO) Public Consultation. She also viewed a film made for the public consultation.

After discussions over lunch Tom Samson accompanied the minister on a tour of the site where a  programme of sinking 300 boreholes as part of Nugen’s major site assessment work is drawing to a close.

The minister highlighted the importance of local, regional and global engagement on the project – which will be Europe’s largest nuclear new build project.

The minister was impressed with the project development and the company approach on engagement – but urged NuGen to continue hearing the views of the community.

On regional issues the minister, who has been selected by the secretary of state to champion the region’s needs said she would be keeping close to NuGen’s progress as part of the overall regional industrial strategy – and urged the region to focus on productivity, on growing the region’s skills base and on creating a sustainable legacy for Cumbria.



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