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6th September 2013

NuGen welcomes “world-class” nuclear research facility in West Cumbria

NuGen warmly welcomed the opening of a new £29 million facility that aims to deliver world-class nuclear research, while connecting closely to the needs of the UK nuclear industry.

The Dalton Cumbrian Facility (DCF) was opened by Nuclear Industry Association chairman John Hutton after joint funding by the NDA, and Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute. NuGen’s West Cumbrian stakeholder adviser Rosie Mathiesen attended the launch event.

The facility, situated near Whitehaven, and close to NuGen’s proposed Moorside site, to the north and west of the main Sellafield complex, is a core component of the National Nuclear Users Facility which was announced earlier this year as part of the UK government's nuclear industrial strategy.

Research at the DCF will focus primarily on radiation science and nuclear engineering decommissioning. The facility has its own particle accelerator, and also boasts computer modelling capability, large-scale experimental laboratories, irradiation facilities and associated analytical and inspection equipment. The DCF also incorporates academic access to the active research facilities within the National Nuclear Laboratory Central Laboratory at the nearby Sellafield site.

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