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10th November 2014

NuGen takes part in international nuclear stakeholder event

NuGen took part in an international nuclear event aimed at examining public engagement techniques for new nuclear developers.

The event, hosted by EDF Energy in Bristol, was organised by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and supported by the UK Government.

The IAEA Technical Meeting drew an international audience from countries looking to develop new nuclear as part of their energy mix. Delegates from Poland, Turkey, Malaysia, Hungary, Kenya, Bulgaria, Ghana, Jordan, China, Argentina and Japan attended the event, to hear a range of UK speakers discuss effective engagement techniques, and outline how the UK has progressed its new nuclear build plans.

NuGen’s John McNamara joined speakers from EDF Energy and Horizon Nuclear Power to discuss aspects of the new build process – including site selection, developing a nuclear company to facilitate new build, and engagement with key stakeholders.

Other speakers included Dr.Clare Bayley, head of new nuclear programme management and industry liaison at the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Alan McGoff, of the Environment Agency, and Keith Parker, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association.

J.K Park, Director of Nuclear Power at the IAEA said: “Engaging stakeholders successfully in a new or expanding nuclear power programme is an issue that many countries face.”

“Although stakeholder engagement may take many forms and vary according to national culture and situation, there are many common issues.”

Speakers covered the UK’s progress to the current situation of political consensus on the need for new nuclear, and the UK’s relatively positive public opinion on new nuclear. Regulatory approaches and the issues facing all three developers were also discussed.

NuGen’s John McNamara told delegates: “The world is watching how the UK approaches a programme of new nuclear build. Developers in the UK have a great responsibility to our communities, and our stakeholders – but also to the wider global nuclear industry.”

During the developer’s session the challenges facing NuGen’s plans to build three Westinghouse AP1000 reactors at Moorside were discussed. The project will become the largest new nuclear construction project in Europe – and Moorside’s three reactors will produce the largest nuclear output from any nuclear power station in the UK.

The week-long IAEA event included a tour to EDF Energy’s Hinkley Point C development site in Somerset.



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