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12th January 2017

Theresa May speaks encouragingly about the importance of new nuclear build

During Prime Minister’s Question Time (11.1.17) Theresa May spoke encouragingly about the importance of new nuclear build - referencing NuGen’s Moorside Project:

Mark Menzies (Fylde) (Con)
Q3. Westinghouse’s Springfields site in my constituency employs more than 1,200 people in highly skilled jobs manufacturing nuclear fuel, which generates 15% of the UK’s electricity. Does my right hon. Friend agree that the nuclear industry is of crucial importance to the north-west economy? Will she continue to support the construction of a new generation of nuclear power stations to guarantee jobs in the region?

The Prime Minister
I certainly agree with my hon. Friend that new nuclear does have a crucial role to play in securing our future energy needs, especially as we are looking to move to a low-carbon society. The industrial strategy that the Government will be setting out will have a strong emphasis on the role of regions in supporting economic growth and ensuring that the economy works for everyone. Like him, I very much welcome the proposals from NuGen and Toshiba to develop a new nuclear power station at Moorside.

The link to Hansard (the official record of the House of Commons proceedings) is HERE  - Question No3.

NuGen’s response:

“We are encouraged by the Prime Minister, Theresa May’s, comments yesterday - welcoming NuGen’s proposals for the Moorside Project to build a new nuclear power station in West Cumbria capable of generating up to 3.8GW of low-carbon electricity from a sustainable source.

“Nuclear power will make a valuable contribution towards achieving the UK’s targets for reducing carbon emissions and NuGen believes that Moorside – as the engine of the Northern Powerhouse - will have a huge positive impact for the UK economy and will be an important catalyst for regional development activities in those communities closest to our site in West Cumbria.”



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