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15th September 2016

NuGen welcomes Government’s decision on Hinkley Point C

NuGen’s Chief Executive Officer, Tom Samson, welcomed today’s positive news on a decision from the UK Government about the Hinkley Point C development in Somerset.

Tom said: “The news is positive for the UK nuclear new build market, where developers such as NuGen are investing heavily in delivering the next generation of low carbon power for the UK. It demonstrates the viability of new nuclear investment in the UK, based on the Government’s Electricity Market Reform Programme and is welcome evidence of the UK Government’s commitment to new nuclear as an essential part of the U.K. energy mix.
“Hinkley Point C is the start of the nuclear new build renaissance in the UK, of which NuGen are an integral part, and today's decision is an essential step towards strengthening the UK security of supply. New nuclear will also help the UK to meet its domestic and international commitments to a low carbon economy. 

“Nuclear new build will have a huge positive impact for the UK economy, with the creation of significant economic activity across the UK nuclear and construction industries and has the potential to transform the local regional economies supporting these critical infrastructure projects. During operation, NuGen’s Moorside Power Station will employ more than 1,000 people in highly skilled Cumbrian jobs and create additional sustainable supply chain and service opportunities across Cumbria and the North West.”



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