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17th June 2015

NuGen welcomes news from National Grid on connection plans for Moorside.

NuGen welcomed news that following extensive public consultation the National Grid has announced they have chosen a corridor for their North West Coast Connections project to connect Moorside.

The move is good news for NuGen’s Moorside project as National Grid will now focus on detailed plans to connect Moorside’s three reactors, which will supply 7% of the UK’s future low-carbon electricity supply.

After two major consultations, and conversations with thousands of people in the area, National Grid have chosen a route corridor running overland around the coast of Cumbria – and under Morecambe Bay, to connect Moorside. They will now work-up the exact route which will see some existing power lines taken down and replaced with higher capacity ones.

A route running offshore was ruled out by National Grid and NuGen because of offshore obstacles in the vicinity, and because the technology has not been tested in connecting a nuclear power station before.

A NuGen spokesman said they were delighted with the progress, building on extensive consultation with people in Cumbria and Lancashire.

“This is excellent news for our Moorside project. We too are currently engaged in public consultations in Cumbria on our early-stage proposals for the power station, and we are getting valuable and useful feedback from local people.”



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