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17th December 2015

NuGen’s position on COP21

As a prospective generator of a low-carbon electricity, NuGen fully endorsed the aims of COP21 to bring the world together to agree a roadmap to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit the global rise in temperature. Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing society and low-carbon, nuclear energy has to play a part in helping countries decarbonise their economies.

The two week negotiations have delivered the Paris Agreement - an ambitious, global and binding agreement to act to limit the rise in global temperatures to below 2 degrees. There is real consensus and a clear signal of commitment. There is also agreement on the need to measure and improve ambition around emissions reduction in the future.

In addition to being low-carbon, nuclear provides security of supply and greater price certainty, addressing the ‘trilemma’ that challenges nations across the world. NuGen has supported the work of the NIA in its coordination of the UK nuclear position toward the Nuclear For Climate group in ensuring that nuclear energy is acknowledged at the COP21 platform as an important part of the fight against climate change.



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