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18th September 2015

NuGen shares feedback from Moorside consultation

NuGen has presented early feedback from the first stage of its public consultation on plans to build Moorside Nuclear Power station in West Cumbria.

The people of West Cumbria were invited to have their say during a 10-week period during the summer.

Fergus McMorrow, NuGen’s Planning Lead in Cumbria, said: “Overwhelmingly, people were supportive of the need for a new nuclear power station and saw the benefits to the region’s employment, skills, economy and supply chain as being important.

“The feedback was very clear that there are a number of other benefits people want the project to deliver, with improved transport infrastructure – specifically road improvements – at the forefront of people’s concerns.”

Other benefits that people thought were important included:

The feedback was supportive of a ‘rail focussed strategy’, with a strong preference that temporary rail stations are retained for the benefit of the community.

There was support for the strategy of locating accommodation for the temporary construction workforce close to, or within, existing settlements and that multiple sites are used for these associated developments.

The visual impact of the project was important to those who gave feedback, in particular, using excavated soil to enhance the natural landscape.

NuGen will take all the feedback received during the consultation into account when developing its proposals, which will form the basis for the second stage of the public consultation - scheduled to start in May 2016. A full report of feedback from the stage one consultation will be published in November.



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