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19th August 2016

Surveys will help NuGen understand more about use of countryside paths in West Cumbria

NuGen is about to start a series of surveys, at various locations around West Cumbria, to help them understand how people use local paths - whether for access to the countryside, recreation or commuting.

The work is an important part of the on-going environmental assessment to identify and mitigate the impacts of the construction and operation of Moorside Nuclear Power Station, close to Sellafield, in West Cumbria.

Access to walks and rides, particularly cycle paths and the Sustrans cycle network, was a common issue for discussion during NuGen’s recent stage two public consultation on the proposals for the Moorside Project – which ran for 11 weeks covering more than 30 events and where over 3,000 people came along to find out more about NuGen’s plans and to Have Their Say.

NuGen’s specialist contractor, Amec Foster Wheeler, along with Cumbria based research company Red Research, will be carrying out surveys at each of the following Moorside Project sites from late August until the end of September 2016:

The surveys will involve speaking to people using the paths at these locations and asking them questions to help NuGen understand how, and how frequently, they are being used for leisure, recreation or commuting.

Kay Adams, Amec Foster Wheeler’s Countryside and Recreation Team Leader, said: “Surveys such as these are the best way to understand exactly why and how people are using these rural routes. The information we gather will give us a much clearer picture and will be used, along with the data we have already gathered, to help NuGen develop the Moorside Project in the best way for Cumbria”.

NuGen is committed to putting environmental care and sustainability at the heart of its development work. If anyone has any questions about this, or any other of the environmental assessments currently underway, please contact NuGen’s Moorside information Centre: 01946 691006 or email



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