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29th March 2017

Submission of NuGen’s DCO application

The 2nd Stage of NuGen’s public consultation on plans for the Moorside Project ended in July 2016 with more than 3,000 people visiting 34 public exhibition events over an 11-week period resulting in over 1,200 pieces of feedback.

This fantastic response surpassed all expectations and the written responses were extremely detailed. They included many valuable suggestions and the subsequent evaluation work is still underway.

NuGen’s ongoing evaluation will take several months to complete, followed by further dialogue to discuss any revisions. If there are any changes, which are outside the scope of NuGen’s previous consultations, we will follow due process and engage with our stakeholders on these changes.

More importantly, NuGen is taking full advantage of this opportunity to evaluate its design choices in parallel with the feedback from second stage of its public consultation to make sure the project can be delivered in the best way for Cumbria.

NuGen no longer intends to submit the DCO application in the 2nd quarter of 2017. The extent of the changes to our proposals will determine to what degree the timeline for submission will change.



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