Site Assessment

NuGen is conducting on site assessment work on the 200-hectare option land to the north and west of the Sellafield complex, as part of its Moorside project.

The company, which gained planning permission from Copeland Borough Council, is continuing with sub-surface investigations through 2014 and into 2015 to evaluate the option land. NuGen has an option to purchase the land and is in a development phase aimed at building a robust business case ahead of a final investment decision.

In progressing the Moorside project, and particularly the Site Assessment work, NuGen’s commitment is that we will:

The site assessment is just one part of that development process and is used to establish the most suitable part of the site on which to construct a new nuclear power station.

Site assessment will include various techniques including surface monitoring and drilling of boreholes in order to get an accurate picture of the site.

The site assessment, for which all relevant planning permissions have been granted, are split in to two distinct phases:

Phase 1: An initial phase will cover comprehensive non-intrusive (surface-level) radiological and limited chemical surveys of the option land. This work is aimed at assessing the radiological and chemical status of the land, which is common practice in any major construction project of this type.

Phase 2: A second phase will cover sub-soil investigations including radiological, chemical, geotechnical and hydrogeological site surveys over the option area and the primary objective of these investigations is to obtain knowledge of the ground conditions and the local bedrock.

NuGen is committed to working in partnership with the local community and will continue to  talk to residents and near neighbours to explain the site assessment project. The company has produced a brochure, and a site assessment fact-sheet, complete with Q & A. These documents are attached here in PDF format and can be downloaded.

NuGen has worked hard to minimise the impact of the work on neighbours and has taken steps, with advice from regulators, to minimise the environmental impact of the works, and to reduce the impact of traffic in the area, working closely on advice from the local Parish Council.

NuGen has appointed locally-based Babcock to carry out the initial surface monitoring, and has employed another local firm, Marron, to repair and landscape the NuGen site compound located at Tarn Head Farm – work that has already been completed.

If you would like more detailed information about the NuGen site assessments please download the site assessment works fact-sheet – or for more information email


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