NuGen meets key local stakeholders at Labour Party Conference

NuGen was represented at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton – and took part in high-profile meetings on the UK’s energy future. NuGen’s Head of Engineering, Claude Bernard, and Head of Communications, John McNamara attended events organised by Energy UK, Nuclear Management Partners and the UK Nuclear Industry Association. The NuGen team met with Labour [...]

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NuGen welcomes national report on positive British public opinion toward nuclear

NuGen today welcomed the joint UK/Japanese report which shows public support for new nuclear power stations in the UK has grown since the Fukushima accident two years ago. The research, published by the UK Energy Research Council, was a joint – publication with the National Institute for Environmental Studies in Japan. The research shows attitudes [...]

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NuGen attend the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow – and welcomes the party’s backing for new nuclear

NuGen representatives attended key energy debates at the Lib Dem conference in Glasgow – and the new nuclear developer warmly welcomed Lib Dem backing of nuclear new build. NuGen’s head of communications, John McNamara attended several important energy debates at the conference, including fringe meetings sponsored by the Nuclear Industry Association and featuring energy secretary [...]

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NuGen welcomes “world-class” nuclear research facility in West Cumbria

NuGen warmly welcomed the opening of a new £29 million facility that aims to deliver world-class nuclear research, while connecting closely to the needs of the UK nuclear industry. The Dalton Cumbrian Facility (DCF) was opened by Nuclear Industry Association chairman John Hutton after joint funding by the NDA, and Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute. NuGen’s [...]

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