NuGen update on their plans and progress at key Marketforce Conference

NuGen’s Executive Director, Robert Zadora updated more than 150 delegates at this week’s Marketforce Nuclear New Build Forum in London. NuGen joined other developers EDF Energy and Horizon to give delegates at the event an update on plans to bring on stream up to 16GWe of new nuclear power in the UK. NuGen also took [...]

2017-07-13T12:55:42+00:00November 21st, 2013|News|

NuGen Presents at EIC Connect conference

NuGen’s Rafa Jimenez gave a project update presentation to more than 400 delegates at the EIC Connect conference at Manchester. The event, one of the biggest energy conferences on the UK calendar, provided NuGen with a platform to update stakeholders on progress of the Moorside project. More than 400 individual companies were represented at the [...]

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