NuGen begins the off-shore drilling phase of the Site Characterisation works

NuGen’s Site Characterisation work in support of the Moorside Project continues to make good progress with the first phase of the off-shore drilling set to get underway in the coming days. The Site Characterisation work, which began on-shore in December, will inform the design and layout of the main Moorside Site and will support licensing, [...]

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NuGen announces public consultation dates

Details have been announced of 28 public exhibition events* to be held across Cumbria, in the second stage of consultation for the Moorside Project. Cumbrians will, once again, be able to Have Their Say on proposals for the Moorside Project to build a new nuclear power station in West Cumbria. NuGen will communicate the dates [...]

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Second Moorside public consultation will start on 14th May

Cumbrians will get another chance to have their say during the second consultation on NuGen’s Moorside Project, which will commence with an event at the Moorside Information Centre in Whitehaven on 14th May. The plan for the 11-week consultation are revealed in NuGen’s ‘Statement of Community Consultation’ (SoCC) which is published this week and available [...]

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