When NuGen talks about ‘sustainable legacy’ it means taking a stake in the future of the communities in which it operates, through environmental stewardship, social equity and economic growth. For local communities in Cumbria, this includes developing infrastructure and facilities, environmental enhancements, and opportunities for jobs and for people to increase their skills.

This sustainable legacy will be developed and delivered in three ways:

  • as a requirement of NuGen’s planning consent;
  • other agreed legal obligations; and
  • through NuGen’s wider, voluntary social value programme.

NuGen’s aim is to maximise every aspect of benefit from the Moorside Project for the local community, empowering local people by helping to create more vibrant and cohesive communities where everyone has opportunities and can thrive.

“We aim to create continuous value for our stakeholders; our aim is to maximise the benefits from the Moorside Project in every aspect locally, regionally and nationally. This commitment to a sustainable legacy transcends the development, construction, and operational phases of the project.”

Tom Samson, Chief Executive Officer

Sustainability Strategy

V2, January 2018

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