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Vision, Mission and Values

NuGen’s Vision, Mission and Values are an essential foundation on which the NuGen team’s common sense of purpose, identity and commitment is based. It is NuGen’s DNA.


Creating safe, reliable, affordable, low-carbon energy using proven nuclear technology.


To build a trusted, highly-skilled organisation to safely develop, construct and operate the Moorside nuclear power station in Cumbria whilst creating sustainable value for NuGen’s stakeholders.



The NuGen team strives for excellence and exceeds the expectations of stakeholders through timely delivery of high quality work.


NuGen team members are passionate about supporting each other and maintaining high levels of energy and respect across the organisation.


Through transparency and building mutual trust, the NuGen team will gain credibility through a questioning attitude, healthy challenge and open communication.


The NuGen team is action orientated and take personal responsibility and accountability for results.


The NuGen team continuously demonstrates through its actions that safety is its overriding priority.