Environment and Sustainablity




NuGen recognises that its activities are undertaken in sensitive environments and is committed to sustainable and environmentally sound business practices. This Policy defines the way NuGen staff, secondees and contractors should act in undertaking day to day activities and the underlying attitude that should govern decisions that are made.


This policy applies to all employees, secondees and hired staff.


To secure low-carbon energy for the UK through safe, reliable and affordable production of electricity   

Our Values

In working towards this purpose, NuGen is committed to:


The NuGen Executive Committee is responsible for leading, developing and supporting a culture that promotes positive environmental & sustainability performance. The Director of Nuclear Operations is responsible for developing the principles and practices embedded in this Policy. All Managers are responsible for implementing the principles and practices embedded in this Policy. All personnel have responsibility for ensuring the appropriate environmental & sustainability performance of their work activities.


This policy will be reviewed on an annual basis and revised if required to ensure that it is current and relevant to all NuGen operations.



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