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Interim Consultation Report 2017

This report follows the completion of the Stage Two Consultation that asked for views on NuGen’s ‘Proposed Scheme’. Previously in the Stage One Consultation, NuGen asked for views on the strategic approach it should adopt.

This report, the second Interim Consultation Report, brings together information on the consultations NuGen has carried out to date, and summaries of the views collected so far. As NuGen is currently analysing the responses received, this Report does not explain how NuGen has had regard to the responses. This explanation will be included in the final Consultation Report that will be submitted with the application once it is made.


Appendix 3

Stage One Consultation.

  1. Overview
  2. Newsletter
  3. Press coverage
  4. Advertisement
  5. Poster

Appendix 4

Stage One: Hard to reach groups

List of groups and contacts

Appendix 5

Stage One: statutory consultees

Prescribed consultee list