NuGen showcases a year of progress at Moorside

NuGen has produced a film showcasing a year of progress on the site of the Moorside Project to build Europe’s largest new nuclear power station.

During the last year, essential physical investigation works have been underway which will inform the design and layout of the site and support license applications for Moorside’s three AP1000® reactors which will be capable of generating 3.8GW of low-carbon electricity from a sustainable source.

At its peak the work involved more than 100 people working on the site, with specialists in over 20 disciplines, making Moorside one of the largest site characterisation projects in the UK. The work has included:

  • More than 300 boreholes being drilled to depths of up to 200M
  • Drilling 5.5KM of soil samples and 5KM of rock cores
  • A four month programme of site assessment off-shore
  • 8,000+ samples collected and over 20,000 tests being carried out on the samples

NuGen’s Head of Corporate Communications, John McNamara, said: “There has been a phenomenal amount of work completed over the last year and the film shows just what we’ve achieved and the diverse nature of the project.

“Using innovative drone technology and filming at sea from support vessels has given us a unique insight into the project which I think will be interesting for everyone – from those with a technical background through to our neighbours who want a close-up look at what’s been happening on the site.”

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