NuGen’s Bright Sparks students cycle around Moorside

Students taking part in NuGen’s Bright Sparks educational programme have had the opportunity to cycle the Moorside site learning about the its past, present and future.

13 students from Millom School enjoyed a 3-mile cycle ride guided by NuGen staff. They rode along Hadrian’s cycleway from Beckermet to Sellafield, which runs adjacent to the Moorside site offering fantastic views of the future home of the Moorside Power Station and its surrounding area.

The cycle tour was offered to the four schools involved in this year’s Bright Sparks programme after teachers, students and parents expressed an interest in discovering more about the Moorside project and its impact on the local area and community.

The tour made four stops. First at Low Church Moss where students learnt about the history of the area. Then at a Site of Special Scientific Interest where they discovered more about the ecological features of the site and the precautions that NuGen is taking to protect them.

At the third stop they learnt about how NuGen’s integrates with the community to create positive environmental, social and economic outcomes. The final stop overlooked the Moorside site itself and students learnt about the scope of the project and life cycle of the power plant as well as gaining insight into the types of jobs that will be available under the STEM umbrella and beyond. Students from Whitehaven Academy and St Joseph’s Catholic School also attended to Moorside cycle tours during July.

Peter Jewell, Head of Design and Technology at Millom School said “We chose the cycle tour because it was a standout activity, I wanted to give pupils the opportunity to get out on bikes and see the site in a real-life situation”.

NuGen’s Bright Sparks 2017 programme has included over 80 students from schools closest to the Moorside Site; Millom School, Whitehaven Academy, St Joseph’s Catholic School and St Benedict’s Catholic School. Throughout the rest of the programme students have taken part in field visits and special lessons, exploring the different ways of producing electricity, how they, their schools and their families use electricity, and the importance of reducing carbon emissions for the future of the planet.

Students also worked on STEM-related projects which they presented at their end of year Bright Sparks Schools’ Energy Conference, and participating students had the opportunity to attain a Silver CREST qualification for their efforts.

Camilla Duncan, Learning and Development Manager, was delighted the success of the cycle tours and the student’s reaction. “The cycle tour is a key element of this year’s Bright Sparks programme and has enabled us to bring the Moorside Project to life for those students who will be most affected by it. Our aim was to inspire and enthuse them to pursue a career in STEM and within the energy sector and we have definitely done that.”

To see a video of the cycle tour click here.

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