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In October 2009 NuGen secured an option to purchase land on the West Cumbrian coast from the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority for a total cash consideration of £70m.

The site is approximately 200ha of which we will select the most suitable 100ha for the nuclear power station.

On 24 June 2011, the UK government confirmed, through its National Policy Statement (NPS), that NuGen’s site was suitable for a new nuclear power station. The NPS is a further step forward for the UK as it progresses plans to build new nuclear generating capacity to meet future energy demands.

NuGen is now preparing detailed plans for developing the site, which will be submitted for consideration by the relevant planning authorities. These plans will be prepared in full consultation with the safety authorities and local stakeholders.

On 1 May 2014 the UK Government confirmed the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority had agreed key commercial terms with Toshiba, and its partner GDF SUEZ, to extend a land option agreement that reaffirms NuGen’s commitment to build three reactors as part of its Moorside project in West Cumbria.  The reactors, using the Westinghouse AP1000® technology, will come on line from 2024, and deliver enough low-carbon electricity to power up to six million homes. 

Response to Fukushima

In October 2011 the UK nuclear regulator published a report into the implications for the nuclear industry in the UK of the events at Fukushima in Japan in March of 2011.

Dr Mike Weightman’s independent report commissioned by the government revealed no fundamental safety weaknesses in the UK nuclear industry. The report suggested recommendations or learning points from the incident which will further underpin the industry’s focus on safety as the number one priority.

The report benefits from national and international expertise and is a very thorough analysis of UK nuclear safety. The full report is available at www.decc.gsi.gov.uk

Dr Weightman’s report finds no reason to curtail plans for building new nuclear power stations in the UK and no need to change the siting strategies for new nuclear power stations in the UK.

Site Plan

NuGen Site Plan


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