As our project progresses we will produce a variety of publications which you'll be able to view on our website.

Documents relating to the Moorside Consultation Project can be found by selecting the green tab on the right hand side of the page called ‘Moorside Project Consultation’.

Fact Sheets

Our fact sheets are simple, yet informative, and cover a variety of key topics.

- About NuGen (June 2017)

- Site Assessment Works (November 2015)

- About: Westinghouse AP1000® Reactor (October 2015)


Our newsletter, Company Update, is designed to keep our stakeholders informed on how our plans for new nuclear power at Moorside are progressing.

- Company update (Winter 2014)

- NuGen News (Winter 2015)

- NuGen News (Summer 2016)

- GENerate (Winter 2016)

- GENerate (January 2018)


- NuGen’s Sustainability Strategy (December 2017)

- NuGen’s Sustainability report (July 2014 – July 2015)



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