Statement from Tom Samson on Toshiba’s announcement on the wind-up of NuGen

Tom Samson addresses the Cumbria Nuclear Conference in September 2018 “Obviously today is a sad day for NuGen, despite our best efforts to find a solution and despite the tremendous hard work and commitment from everyone involved in our journey this far, we have been unable to find a buyer and the [...]

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Toshiba to take steps to wind-up NuGeneration Limited

On 8th November 2018, Toshiba announced its intention to withdraw from the nuclear power plant construction project in the UK, NuGeneration Limited (NuGen) and to take steps to wind-up the business. The announcement comes after 18 months of negotiations with a range of potential new owners. Unfortunately, it has not been possible to successfully [...]

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Tom Samson interviewed for the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce podcast

NuGen CEO Tom Samson interviewed by Julian Whittle from the Cumbria Chamber of Commerce NuGen's CEO, Tom Samson was interviewed this week by Julian Whittle for the @cumbriachamber podcast. In it, Tom talks about Moorside prospects, the Northern Powerhouse agenda and Moorside's role within it, the importance of infrastructure improvements, aspirations for [...]

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NuGen proposes Moorside Site to be ‘carried forward’ into new National Policy Statement

NuGen, the new nuclear developer has responded to the Government, providing information to support the Moorside Site being carried forward as a site for a new nuclear power station following an assessment process. An aerial image of the Moorside Site The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has asked all [...]

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