The Nuclear Sector Deal Launch

NuGen welcomed the launch of the Nuclear Sector Deal today as representing a strong commitment from industry and Government to a sustainable partnership delivering a range of significant benefits and value to consumers whilst solidifying nuclear’s central role in our energy future in the UK.

NuGen CEO Tom Samson commented “I am very pleased to see the Nuclear Sector Deal form part of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy. The Nuclear Sector Deal contains an important commitment to continue to drive down the costs of new build to deliver significant value to UK consumers and NuGen are fully committed to demonstrating the competitiveness of nuclear as an integral and essential part of the UK energy mix. The deal also contains important commitments to ‘Place’ within our industry and Cumbria has an important role to play as the centre of nuclear excellence within the UK with our deep roots in decommissioning and supply chain expertise as well as the exciting prospects that new build will bring to the region.”

The Nuclear Sector Deal reflects the important role that the nuclear industry already plays in our energy landscape and economy and sets out the potential for our industry to grow and prosper in the coming decades by delivering innovation, R&D, employment and supply chain opportunities that take advantage of our commitment to a sustainable nuclear future in the UK. The deal sets out an ambitious plan building on the collaborative nature of the relationship between our industry and the UK Government.

As a member of the Nuclear Industry Council (NIC), NuGen has worked hard to collaborate with partners across the industry and Government to help shape this landmark deal and we remain committed to further collaboration across our industry and Government to realise the full potential that this deal represents.

NuGen acknowledged that Nuclear Sector Deal also provided further evidence of the Governments support for our industry as an essential part of our energy mix, delivering a low carbon source of base load generation and increasing our security of supply as a nation.

Tom Samson added “As we embark on a new wave of new build opportunities in the UK it is essential that we collaborate as an Industry to ensure that we strengthen our delivery capability in the UK and that we learn collectively as an industry to improve our capability to deliver value to UK consumers, the Sector Deal contains the essential ingredients of innovation, partnership and collaboration to ensure that we can deliver that greater value for UK consumers.”

NuGen, in partnership with industry and Government, will now work together through the Nuclear Industry Council to develop an implementation plan to ensure these objectives are delivered successfully. We also look forward to working with the Cumbria LEP to ensure that growth and prosperity across Cumbria is fully aligned with the prospects and opportunities afforded by the Nuclear Sector Deal.

Tom Samson concluded: “This is an exciting time to be part of the UK nuclear industry and we are confident that the Nuclear Sector Deal will help shape our industry for the better.”

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