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Corporate Volunteering

NuGen’s team has been volunteering enthusiastically in both Cumbria and Manchester on projects benefiting the community and the environment, bringing them closer to communities in which NuGen works. Activities have included litter picking on west Cumbrian beaches with primary school students, tree planting on the Black Beck with the Cumbrian Rivers Trust, decorating the Florence Art Centre in Egremont and helping to establish a community garden in Moss Side.

NuGen has a volunteering programme for colleagues across West Cumbria and local to its Manchester office. The framework will help to promote a planned approach to identifying and managing volunteering opportunities, ensuring the projects chosen address the issues that NuGen identified in partnership with the community.

So far, NuGen has undertaken several formal volunteering events including:

  • litter picking on West Cumbria beaches in partnership with schools and local businesses;
  • tree planting on Black Beck with West Cumbria Rivers Trust;
  • decorating the Florence Arts Centre in Egremont;
  • helping establish a community garden in Moss Side, Manchester;
  • Himalayan Balsam Bashing at the historic Calder Abbey; and
  • painting Gosforth Primary School hall.

Through delivering these activities NuGen has built a wide and varied network within the communities. These initiatives are delivering strong programmes of localised improvement; however, their real value is not being maximised through of methods of delivery in isolation and no overarching management.